About Us


A couple of years ago while living in Turkiye, the dynamic duo, Janrace and Jim found a community of expats and friends through a public speaking group. They met every week and bonded with others who shared a passion for self-improvement, yoga, spirituality and philosophy. One afternoon while enjoying the majestic Mediterranean Sea, Janrace and Jim found themselves discussing enlightenment and finding one’s satori.

It was there that Satori Tribe was born.

Janrace Prudent

Janrace is a Pakistani-American who lives in a colorful world. She has a passion for creating unique experiences with her vision, talent and creativity. Janrace believes that happiness is our birthright and loves spreading happiness and joy. She is a certified yoga teacher, visual artist, entrepreneur, public speaker and happiness expert. She has a deep-rooted passion for helping others tap into their own source of self-love, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

Jim Wills

On a lifelong quest to find contentment and happiness, Jim found himself moving first across the US and then around the world. As an entrepreneur, Jim owns several businesses with his wife, Janrace. He also explores his passion for the arts as a musician, vocalist, professional photographer, and sound healer. He loves teaching and spends his time coaching others how to find both financial and spiritual freedom.

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Satori Tribe hosts empowering yoga and wellness events and retreats that bring together many spiritual practices combining sound, movement and meditation. Our mission is to create a space that transports you toward your own satori and wakes you up to an enlightened state of happiness.