A Japanese word meaning sudden awakening or enlightenment.
Satori is a deep experience of seeing one’s true nature.
A flash of insight, an awakening of the light of our own consciousness. 
Satori is the awareness of the unity of self with the rest of the universe.

Satori tribe

Satori Tribe hosts empowering yoga and wellness events and retreats that bring together many spiritual practices combining sound, movement and meditation. Our mission is to create a space that transports you toward your own satori and wakes you up to an enlightened state of happiness.

Upcoming Retreat:
June 16-21, 2024

6 Day Retreat in Ephesus, Türkiye: Expand Your Inner Happiness

Experience a yogic & wellness event that brings together many sacred traditions from across the globe. Your journey will take you to the ancient land of Türkiye, the seat of modern civilization. You will be staying in the hills of Ephesus and experience the rich spirit of 2500 years of human history.


🌟 6 day/5 night accommodation at exclusive mountain retreat
🌟 3 vegetarian meals per day sourced from local farms
🌟 Daily yoga and meditation sessions (no experience needed)
🌟 Sacred dervish whirling meditative dance workshop                     
🌟 Daily mindfulness workshops to dive into inner happiness
🌟 Shamanic drum and sound healing
🌟 Nature walk around local region
🌟 Private Tour to Ancient Ephesus & House of Virgin Mary
🌟 Airport transfers to and from airport

The Satori Experience


Quieting the mind is the very first step to expanding your inner happiness. Through various techniques we find that we are able to quiet the mind and find moments of satori within the gap between our thoughts. Meditation is an excellent tool to ground and re-center ourselves. Whether undertaken first thing upon awakening, or settling in before rest at night, quieting the mind is vital for us to be able to open the tap that allows happiness to flow from within.


Sound is the very basis of life. It begins with a heartbeat, giving rhythm to the stillness. We hear it not only with our ears, but feel it deep within. Music is the language of our souls. Sound is a celebration - make a joyful noise, the passage goes. The sounds of laughter, of love, of joy, penetrate our consciousness and raises our vibrational energy. Through sound we come together to create and hold a space for movement, meditation and growth.


Movement is lubrication for your body. It is medicine for your mind and spirit. Morning movement energizes and awaken the body. Throughout the day movement restores and reignites us. We connect our mind to our body through movement practices like yoga. Using our breath to set the pace. Dance is a way to celebrate and honor your body. Movement is self expression, a manifestation of the rhythm of sound as it stirs our soul and lifts us into a more aware self.


Take yourself on a journey that reconnects you with spirit and gives you space for expansion within your own self-acceptance. Life is a continuous path of self-discovery and acceptance. It requires that you care for yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We are a global tribe and our vision is to connect seekers from around the world to share unforgettable moments and simply enjoy life together.